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Columbia, KY 42728
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About Process Inspector, LLC

The Process Inspector company is a woman owned company based in south central Kentucky providing a simple solution for typical press and riveting type equipment in the industry. Our company recognizes the specific requirements with in-process monitoring offering a PLC/Graphic HMI series quality monitoring system that offers the end user an unbeatable price-performance ratio, enabling users to enjoy the advanced features of the operator panel, in-process monitoring system and the PLC, while maintaining low budget, reduced setup time, minimum wiring and configuration.

Monitoring Force/Distance

Monitoring force and distance in your press or riveting machinery will allow your operator/s to focus in on production volume while the Process Inspector™ will focus in on the quality of the production!

Control Force/Distance

  • Press or Rivet to a specific force. Our auto-compensate feature will allow your equipment to automatically compensate for part variation and cycle your equipment to a quality result.
  • Press or Rivet to a specific distance. Our distance feature will allow you to press bearings to depth within a bore or rivet to a distance to guarantee parts are formed to the same height.