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In-Process Control and Monitoring 

The Process Inspector® is a powerful PLC with a built-in HMI Operator Panel, comprising a 5.7” color touch-screen display that meets the industry requirements for in-process quality monitoring of force and distance.

This unique control is extremely easy to operate with the precise measurement and collection of force and distance data in each machine cycle, allowing up to 49 different recipes to be generated automatically with an easy to follow tutorial for simple data input. Typical time to generate a recipe is less than 5 minutes.

The Process Inspector offers simple calibration of strain gage, piezoelectric* and potentiometric sensors with easy input of high low distance and force criteria specific to your applications. There is no continuous tuning or difficult and complicated setup as with other competitors’ products.

The Process Inspector PLC/Graphic HMI series in-process quality monitoring system introduces an unbeatable price-performance ratio, enabling users to enjoy the advanced features of the operator panel, in-process monitoring system and the PLC, while maintaining low budget, reduced setup time, minimum wiring and configuration.


The Process Inspector is simple and easy to use and integrates to any new or existing Press or Riveter in the industry in minutes. No mater if your machine is mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic the Process Inspector is your solution! Simply attach your potentiometric/LVDT sensor/s and/or your static load cell/s along with a five minute calibration and a five minute recipe creation and your ready to run. The Process Inspector includes large easy to read screens with tutorial instructions prompting you to enter your height and force criteria. The Inspector™ will do the rest! Ask about our free demo!

Why In-process Quality Monitoring + PLC + HMI?

When you buy a PLC with a built-in HMI that has In-process Quality Monitoring you......

Save labor:

  • By reduced data entry into a recipe
  • a single program environment running both PLC and HMI applications for Presses, Riveters and other machine functions*
  • No Panel-PLC wiring
  • Panel-PLC communication is built-in

Cut budget:

  • By the reduce hardware requirement
  • Save cabinet space

Boost efficiency on the field:

  • Display the machine status and instructions to machine operators in real-time
  • Data entry via the controller's panel
  • Capture force and distance data each cycle to validate good and bad parts based upon your stringent part specifications
  • Control each machine cycle based on force or distance. The auto-compensate feature ("force mode") will adjust automatically due to your part variations. 
  • Troubleshoot and view application data - no PC needed

    More "built-in" advantagesevery Process Inspector offers:
    • Advanced communication options
    • Data-logging and up to 49 automatic self generating part recipes
    • Rivet or Press to a force for part and product variations or to a fixed distance
    • Press and then monitor two stages during a cycle to eliminate parts misassembled or with the improper fits thru the pressing process. Ideal for press and slip fits.
    • Auto-tune PID control
    • Free Remote Access